Take your schools online with Uthkrista LMS.

Uthkrista is a a learning management platform that is designed to take your school online. All activities for effecting learning such as lesson creation, student assessment, tracking the progress of students, and collaborative learning is made easy with Uthkrista LMS.

User friendly

Our platform has been designed to facilitate a short learning curve for all users. Your school will get well acquainted with the system in no time.

Easy to implement

The implementation process has been streamlined to ensure minimalistic effort on part of the client. With our tutorial videos, you can breeze through setting up your online school.

Reduced Cost

Our license fees are extremely cost-effective. Training and support costs are minimized by way of webinar and tutorial videos. Special discount schemes have been introduced because of the looming pandemic.


Through innovation and dedication, our platform will keep evolving and developing to meet the needs of the market.

Easily Build Engaging Class

Create classes whether they are video lectures, quizzes, or tests in no time. Attach notes, images, or any educational material. Schedule the classes for students and students can learn either at their own pace or at a pace decided by the teacher.

Live Classes

With third party integration such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams the entire class can go online at the same time.

Schedule you classes

Schedule you classes in a calender for instructor led or random access to the lessons.

Your very own online school

You can have your online school on your domain or as a part of your website. Enroll all your students, teachers, and administrators under Uthkrista platform and have an online version of your school today.

Define the flow of lessons

Using the automation feature teachers can set a time for unlocking of lessons.


Assignments such as quizzes and essays can be created on the system and submitted on the system. For advanced usage, plagiarism check is available with integration with Turnitin.

Reduces costs

Our pricing is driven by your campus’ enrollment and deployment needs. Training and support costs are minimized and our license fees are cost-effective.

Training & support costs minimized
Cost-effective licensing
No hidden costs


Our goal is to help improve education and that’s why we’re always innovating through our platform, by adding cutting-edge features such as automation, adaptive learning, and personalized competency-based learning.

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